This is a list of quotes commonly heard in the Samurai Warriors series.

Screenshot 1Gameplay QuotesEdit

  • "I'm heading up in the world!"
  • "Notch that one up to me!"
  • "Did you see that, he's still got it!"
  • "I'll show you how the devil Shibata's army fights!"
  • "Come back when you've learned how to fight!"
  • "You're making a name for yourself!"
  • "Taste the might of the devil Shibata!"
  • "Don't you 'Uncle' me! 'last time I saw you, you threw me in a pond!"
  • "From cradle to grave, honor is my guide!"

Screenshot 47True Musuo QuotesEdit

  • Start-"Want a challenge!"
  • End-"You got it!"