Samurai Warriors 4: Empires
SW4 Empires cover
Release Date Japan: September 17, 2015
EU: March 11, 2016
US: March 14, 2015
Game Mode Single player, Multiplayer
Platform(s) Playstation 4
Playstation 3
Playstation Vita
Samurai Warriors 4: Empires (戦国無双4 Empires, Sengoku Musou 4 Empires) is the third "Empires" title in the series. The game was released in September 17th in Japan, March 11th in Europe and March 14th in the US. Like previous Empires game's, it focuses on territory expansion whilst also having more strategic elements. The game whilst lacking new characters, features more events and also a large amount of unique generic officers.

Modes Edit

Empire Mode Edit

Like previous Empires titles, Empire mode gives the freedom to choose a specific scenario in which the player is free to select a clan to start with. Each clan also has clan-specific objectives. By completing certain scenario's, others can be unlocked. Before doing so, the player can choose what difficulty to play with, set character replacements, female characters, character deaths and also place non-replaced caws in desired clans.

The game features the following scenarios:

*= Downloadable Content

Genesis ModeEdit

In Genesis Mode, the player is free to create or edit his very own Scenario by choosing warlords and officers and placing them in desired parts of the map. New to the series, players will have the option to select an 'ambition' for particular clans, which can range from unting the land, reaching the capital, unifying a certain region or eliminating a specific clan.

Edit ModeEdit

In this mode, the player is free to create his own CAWS and also has the ability to replace them with other generic officers featured within the game. If available, players can also equip downloaded costume DLC's here.

Treasure HouseEdit

Similar to the Dojo in previous title, players can watch unlocked events, view character biographies and also view the music gallery.


In this section players will be able to find released downloadable content which range from costumes and scenarios. Previously purchased mounts, costumes and BGM from Samurai Warriors 4 and Samurai Warriors 4-II are transferable to the game.