Sakon Shima
Sakon Shima SW4 Artwork
Character information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Takeda
Weapon Type: Zanbatō
Significant Battle(s): Kusegawa
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Sakon Shima was first introduced in Samurai Warriors 2 as a loyal strategist from the Tsutsui and Mitsunari Ishida's friend and advisor.

Role in the GamesEdit

In Samurai Warriors 3 he is portrayed as a brave warrior, Sakon would easily risk his life to protect his clan. He was a mentor to the young Samurai Yukimura Sanada, a troubled young man with only the ways of the samurai as his motives. He fought in many great battles, and survived all of them, dying in 1620 of illness.

Character InformationEdit