Inabayama Castle SW3
Character information
First appeared: Samurai Warriors
Results: Oda victory
Oda Saito
Nobunaga Oda Yoshitatsu Saito
Tatsuoki Saito
Inabayama Castle was first introduced in Samurai Warriors as one of Nobunaga Oda's earlier campaigns, where he lays siege against the Saito clan. After Nobunaga's successfull siege the area is renaimed as Gifu, thus making renaiming the castle as Gifu castle.

Role in the SeriesEdit

Samurai WarriorsEdit

In Samurai Warriors, the Oda lays siege against Yoshitatsu Saito. The Oda must take care of the officers outside the castle gates, whilst Hideyoshi Hashiba makes preparations to build Sunomata castle in one night. The Oda must protect Hideyoshi from Saito officers and gather the necessary lumber. If the castle is successfully build, Hanbei Takenaka will defect to the Oda clan. In order to fully take the castle, the Oda must infiltrate the castle and eliminate both Yoshitatsu and Tastuoki Saito.

The Saito clan's point of view of the stage, the officers must try to not let the Oda officer's breach the castle gate's. Hideyoshi will still successfully build the castle and thus either Mitsuhide Akechi or Ranmaru Mori must show Nobunaga Oda there true potential by storming at him in his main camp.

Samurai Warriors 3Edit

After being missing from the second game, Inabayama makes a return in Samurai Warriors 3. Like in the first game the Oda lays siege to the castle alongside the Azai. This time the commander of the Saito is Tatsuoki Saito as his father Yoshitatsu would be already dead during the time. Hanbei Takenaka prepares and commences his strategies for the Saito and also must protect Tatsuoki from the Oda's continuous attacks.