Anegawa (SW4)
Character information
First appeared: Samurai Warriors
Results: Oda-Tokugawa Victory
Nobunaga Oda
Ieyasu Tokugawa
Nagamasa Azai
Yoshikage Asakura
Anegawa is one of the many battles in which the Oda and Azai clans squared off after Nagamasa Azai's betrayal. Both clans sought the help of they're allies being the Tokugawa clan aiding the Oda forces and the Asakura clan aiding the Azai.

Role in the series Edit

Samurai Warriors Edit

In the first game during Oichi's story, Anegawa is portrayed as a decisive battle between the Oda and Azai clans and in which Oichi must face her former family and comrades in order to stay true to her promise she made to Nagamasa.

Magoichi Saika also joins the fray in which he attempts to snipe and assassinate Nobunaga Oda during the conflict.

During Kenshin Uesugi's lower path story, he faces his long time rival Shingen Takeda in a final battle at Anegawa.

Samurai Warriors 2 Edit

Much like the first game the battle of Anegawa is portrayed in the same theme. In the second game, lacking much number of troops the Tokugawa must cycle around the Asakura's main camp in order to land a surprise attack and force Yoshikage Asakura to withdraw his troops and decrease the Azai's morale.

In Magoichi Saika's story, he starts his first battle after receiving a request from his long time friend Hideyoshi Hashiba, to aid his lord's army during battle. This would be the first and last time Magoichi aid's the Oda clan after witnessing Nobunaga's treachery when he decides to attack his allies and home.

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